What We Do


Collection Cataloging

Detailed documentation with visuals of all attributes of each artwork from the collection; which is compiled into a digital and physical well-designed publication


Art & Artefact Valuation

Valuation of artworks, artefacts, and antiques basis a detailed physical survey and subsequent analysis using a proprietary system and process for valuation


Artwork Conservation

Conservation and restoration of artworks, artefacts, and antiques by a team of trained expert practitioners employing international best practices


Archiving Collections

The systematic organisation of art and photography collections is undertaken by a trained team with archiving knowledge from the Smithsonian Museum, USA


Art Handling & Logistics

Our team of trained personnel undertakes the handling, packaging, storage, and freighting logistics of of all types of artworks across India and overseas


Art Consultancy

Leveraging an experience of over 40 years and a global network with 3 generations of artists and art practitioners, our art advisory ensures you get only the best


With an experience of executing projects across India, Europe, UAE and USA, we undertake turnkey projects, such as:

  • Exhibitions and fundraiser auctions, from concept curation and pre-event planning, through project execution and coordination, to post-event management and assistance
  • Complete collection setup, management and maintenance including all individual services bundled into a customized offering for corporates and HNIs with a passion for the arts
  • Conceptualization and execution of public art displays and projects, as well as the curation and creation of publications of complete art collections for corporates and art patrons

Looking for something else?

To be honest, there is a lot that we really do; and it would have been just too much to put down all of it here. But we understand art. So we know that things can be unique and might need to be customized at times. The same can be the case with what you need help with.

Do share your details with us, and we'll do our best to help with what you're looking for.