Why Evaluate Art?


Art insurance

An insurance coverage is needed to safeguard art, for which a market valuation is mandatory


Investing in art

Prior to investing in art, it is advisable to get a fair market valuation to assess future growth


Tax planning

As is the case with all assets owned, knowing the value of your art is needed for tax planning


Estate planning

Art is a part of the legacy that is inherited by your successors; its value must thus be accounted for


Collection divestment

With the returns on art asset sales and related taxes, it is good to know the differential amount


Charitable donation

Given the financial value of art, it is advisable to have evaluated the artworks you wish to donate

Our Valuation Process

Phase 1


As the first step in the valuation process of the collection, our team will undertake a detailed physical inspection to survey each item. This includes:

  • Condition and authenticity assessment
  • Documentation of all important attributes
  • Photographic recording for visual detailing
Phase 2


The next stage involves an analysis of the item’s details with respect to industry data, to arrive at a fair market value of each item. In doing so, we use:

  • Our proprietory process for value estimations
  • All available data pertaining to the item and its artist
  • Global best practices for price benchmarking
Phase 3


As the final step we consolidate our survey findings and analysis into a detailed valuation report that will serve as the collection’s fair market value for:

  • Standalone, umbrella, and transit insurance policies
  • Distribution of assets for legal and administrative purposes
  • Wealth and inventory management of estate holder

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