Why Catalog A Collection?

Estate management

Estate management &
future art planning

At collections are valuable assets for any individual or organisation. Therefore, having a detailed documented and catalogued art collection is critical for the management of your assets as well as for future planning of your estate. Having a consolidated document capturing all attributes of all the works is a ready reckoner which is convenient & sophisticated


Collection insurance &
tax planning

Valuable artworks and art collections need to be insured and consequently there might be tax implications on future transancbons. Therefore, having a systematically documented art collection is a critical necessity for this. To further enhance the credence of the collection, we also undertake detailed art valuation services - more information on it can be found here.

Portfolio creation

Portfolio creation &
investment planning

The first step to having a stellar and valuable art collection which becomes an appreciating asset, is to know what comprises the present collection. For this it is essential to have a detailed catalog of the entire collection. We also assist with art consultancy and art acquisition advisroy help you build an art collection - more information on it can be found here.

What Does It Include?

Cataloging an art collection is an extensive and labourious process. It involves not only a detailed study of the artworks for their physical attributes but also a theoretical and academic study about the respective artists, art styles, and historic significance. And the entire process is undertaken in detail for each unique artwork.

This is why it is necesary to have an experienced team dedicated for such a project.

Our team comprises of trained & experienced historians, evaluators, project managers, researchers, photographers, art handlers, designers, and project executives.

  • A thorough physical assessment and documentation, including photography, of each artwork in the collection
  • Development of an exhaustive and future-ready system for inventorizing and cataloging of the collection
  • Implementation and testing of the inventory system including documented attributes for the entire collection
  • Professionally designed publication catalog of the entire collection's as a digital as wel as one physical copy
  • As part of collection management & maintenance, our team can continue or retainer, or alternatively can ensure a detailed hand over with necessary training

To know more about how we can help in cataloging your collection, please feel free to download our firm profile or contact us.

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