Because of the inherently unique physical nature of artworks, they require special care when it comes to their handling, storage, packaging, and logistics. For this, it is critical to use trained personnel who understand the value of the artworks they are working with to that so inadvertent damage occurs to your priceless assets.

Why Conserve An Artwork?

Safeguard the value

Safeguarding valuable
artworks from damage

Most damage can occur to an artwork during its transit from one location to another, or due to bad storage prctices wherein incorrect packing materials and unsuitable storage conditions are used. It is paramount for specialized processes and material to be used to protect the artwork from any unforeseen and unfortunate circumstance that can cause damage.


Trained personnel with
technical know-how

A commonly practiced wrong-doing towards art is handling it like any other object. By using untrained house-help and regular courier or relocation companies, there is a very high probability of damage occuring to the artwork as part of day-to-clay upkeep or during transport. For this, it is very important to engage only trained personnel who understand the nuances of an artwork

Safeguard the value

Dedicated special packing
material for art

A significant number of artworks suffer physical or chemical damage when stored in a packaged state with incorrect packaging material. Likewise, if the incorrect ambience exists in the storage area the works can get damaged due to biological reactions. Therefore, using the right packing material and technique as well as appropriate ambient settings is crucial.

Our Art Handling Services

Logistics for artworks is a special practice and we have developed our capability over years of experience and getting it right. Built over 5 decades in the art Industry, our art handling logistics team has acquired not only global best practices but also a thorough understanding of the physical nuances of working with artworks.

A dedicated domestic network across India and international partners, enables us to provide global logistics services for the shipping and freighting of artworks.

Leveraging this technical expertise in handling, packaging material, storage, transport and logistics for artworks, we cater to a wide audience.

  • Art collectors and art estate owners who need to relocate artworks from one destination to another
  • Artists and art practitioners who need to send their works to galleries, institutions, or clients
  • Art consultants and dealers who wish to send artworks to prospective clients as well as confirmed sales
  • Corporates and organisations who need to transfer their art assets between different offices
  • Owners, individual or organisations, who require suitable temperature controlled accessible storage solutions
  • Gallerists and commercial enterprises requiring temporary storage solutions for project-specific artworks

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