Photography in India

Dating back to 1840, photography entered India through travelling colonial photographers who captured and documented the historical monuments and diverse landscapes of the country. So India has not been familiar with the practice and art of photography for nearly 200 years now.

And still when we look at photography as an art form, it is more than evident that it is not getting its due in India. While small efforts are now being attempted by some other younger firms and festivals, more is definitely needed. Because, albeit unfortunately, fine-art photography is still not considered to be 'mainsteam' art in India.

And this is precisely why we have been committed - and will continue to be - towards enabling talented Indian photographers reach a global audience.

Taking inception in its founding director's, Dr Niyatee Shinde's, extensive and ongoing global work in the field of Indian photography, we are work continually to build an ecosystem for these Indian artists, which includes:

  • Showcasing works by talented Indian photographers at international exhibtions, conferences, symposiums, and photo-art festivals
  • Facilitating a platform for Indian photographers to engage and interact with globally renowned curators, musuem directors, critics, and photographers
  • Building a not-for-profit institution that will be committed to visual art practices, legacy techniques of photography, photo-history, and academics on the subject

Engaging The World


Photo Fora

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International Experts

Photo Fora is India's first online portfolio reviewing platform. Join the intiative and get your portfolio reviewed by globally renowned curators, musuem directors, and photogrpahers; and stand a chance of not only getting expert insights but also an opportunity to interact with the best in the field.

TurmericEarth is proud to support the ZiiP Foundation in creating a platform for Indian photographers to get international recognition for their talents through this initiative.

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If you are a photographer and striving to make it big at the global stage, start your journey with us through Photo Fora!

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Over 3 decades of association and involvement with international and Indian photography has enabled us with access to photographers has enabled us with access geographies, focus-area, styles, and concepts.

As a result of this, we can uniquely positioned to provide customized and curated portfolios of photographic artworks and prints as per requirements form:

  • Collectors and patrons with a passion for the photographic arts building a personal collection
  • Organisations and corporates setting up a collection or needing prints for their office spaces
  • Interior and space designers needing specific themed photogrpahic prints for their projects

Zalor India International Photography

Our commitment and passion to support the photographic arts has transcended from vanilla commercial propositions into a much larger and long-living cause which has taken the shape of us instrumenting the establishment of a foundation dedicated towards the photographic arts.

With Dr Niyatee Shinde, veteran artist Deepak Shinde, and Shoan Shinde as the founding directors of the institution, the goal of the Foundation is to create an ecosystem for the global art practitioners, and especially for Indian photographers. The Foundation has been legally instated and is in the process of planning and developing the necessary infrastructure for the organisation's campus.

To be situated in the quaint south-Goan village of Zalor in Varca, the Foundation will be developed over phases but in a holistic manner to provide:

  • An institution to teach legacy photography practices such as deguerreotypes & linotypes, as well as affliate courses on photography archiving and history of the photographic art practice
  • Artist studios for international and domestic artists to practice their work while exploring the serenity of Goa; as well as an art centre & amphitheatre to host indigenous performing artistes
  • A repository and library housing an extensive collection of books on the practice & its history, and photographic albums archived at the institution for scholars and experts on the subject to undertake their research

Looking for something else?

To be honest, there is a lot that we really do; and it would have been just too much to put down all of it here. But we understand art. So we know that things can be unique and might need to be customized at times. The same can be the case with what you need help with.

Do share your details with us, and we'll do our best to help with what you're looking for.