Why A Painted Portrait?

Dating back to the 14th Century BC and the ancient Egyptian civilization, portraiture has single-handedly been the embodiment of the present, for future generations.

Even today, a portrait succeeds in effectively capturing, for posterity, all the nuances that truly define a person.

Portraits are - in every aspect - a timeless artform.

A portrait is not just a depiction of a person, captured through the eye and brush of an artist; it serves to immortalize the person giving him or her a place in history.

This was one of the primary reasons why people with wealth and influence have always been patrons of portraiture.

Don’t limit your portrait only to a photograph and selfie, because it is now possible to easily have a unique and beautifully hand-painted artwork instead.

This is what TurmericEarth brings to you - custom portraits created exclusively for you, your loved ones, and all those people whom you wish to celebrate, honour, and capture in a beautiful memory.

Aside from commemorating a person, portraits can also be treasured life-long gifts. And the additional experience of having a live-sitting portrait made right in front of you by a skilled artist, will truly be a memory of a lifetime for you and your loved ones.

3 Portrait Styles To Choose From

We understand that deciding a specific style can be difficult and so, to simplify things, we have shortlisted three aesthetically unique styles having a historically significant legacy:



Renaissance art was produced during the 14 - 16th centuries in Europe under the combined influences of an increased awareness of nature, a revival of classical learning, and a more individualistic view of man.


Beloved by royalty and noble households, this style of portraiture is an embodiment of regalia. Made popular by legendary artists such as Rembrandt and Raja Ravi Varma, it is a style associated with the rich and powerful.


  • Accurate / idealistic depiction of human anatomy and features
  • The subject is painted with imaginary or plain background
  • Detailed attention to perspective, distance, light, and colour
  • Best suited for portraits of senior family members
  • Decorative broad frames accentuate the grandeur of the artwork



In the impressionist styles of painting, the artist captures the image of an object as someone would see it as a glimpse and not a detailed observation.


Born in mid-late 19th century France, this style was endorsed by globally renowned masters such as Claude Monet and Vincent Van Gogh. In some ways, this style of portrait painting was the beginning of the artist's version of the subject rather than its actual depiction, i.e. the modern art of portraiture.


  • Features are depicted with lesser detail but with more artistic perception
  • Vibrant visuals with bolder colours and shorter brush-strokes
  • Colours are treated as aesthetic bearers of emotion and meaning
  • Being a versatile style can be used for any age-group
  • Best suited style for modern-art collectors / connoisseurs



Attributed to the artist Andy Warhol, this style of Pop Art became widely popular with the emergence of consumerism in the western world. With printmaking finding its place in art, the style got an apt medium for adoption.


Pop art is an art movement that emerged in the United Kingdom and the United States during the 1950s. The movement presented a challenge to traditional fine-art by including imagery from popular and mass culture, such as advertising, comic books, and mundane cultural objects.


  • Features are suggestive and depicted using kitschy symbolism
  • Bold and vibrant colours define the aesthetics of the artwork
  • Close-up of the face or torso rather than full-body representation
  • Best suited for younger persons/millennials with independent homes

Looking for something else?

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Do share your details with us, and we'll do our best to help with what you're looking for.

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