Who We Are

TurmericEarth is India's first independent creative arts company that pioneered art infrastructure in the country by offering innovative, comprehensive, and bespoke services to art connoisseurs, collectors, artists, institutes, and galleries.

Established in 2002, TurmericEarth draws on nearly five decades of experience and involvement with art and its global industry. Our inherent insight into the needs of the art world resulted from long meaningful associations with art collectors, art, practitioners, and art professionals from around the world, through varying projects.

TurmericEarth was born out of a vision to provide a holistic support-system and infrastructure to the visual arts. In fulfilling this vision, we have persistently worked to bring within one span all services related to an artwork from advisory, curation, and acquisition to conservation, evaluation, and logistics.

What We Do


Collection Management

For the management of artworks belonging to either individual or organisation owned collections, we provide the following art-infrastructure services:

  • Evaluations and appraisals of artworks and artefacts
  • Conservation and restoration of artworks
  • Archiving and cataloging of entire collections
  • Art handling - packaging, storage, and global freightage

Art Consultancy

Leveraging a global network of artists and art consultants, we help connoisseurs and investors identify and acquire artworks through the following services:

  • Artwork acquisitions Buy-side and sell-side mandates for art acquisitions
  • Curation and development of custom artworks for spaces
  • Authentication and supporting documentation for artworks
  • Consultancy for and establishment of art estates

Turnkey Projects

From concept to execution, we undertake the following services for individuals and organizations as showcase projects or for fundraiser Purposes:

  • Curation and execution of exhibitions and auctions
  • Domestic and International traveling exhibitions
  • Thematic art events with exhibition design and display
  • Public art projects for public and private sectors' initiatives

Select clientele


Dr Niyatee Shinde

Dr Niyatee Shinde

Founding Director

Niyatee's unparalleled wealth of experience and knowledge from 4 decades of practice in the field is the firm's greatest asset. Having been a Director and Curator for several respected galleries, she is also regarded as one of India's most noted photo-historians.

Shoan Shinde

Shöan Shinde

Executive Director

Born into the art world, and an alumnus of the Indian School Of Business, Shoan brings to the table over 12 year's of experience from a unique combination of knowledge of the art industry and global macro-economic issues; along with an analytical and process driven approach.

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Looking for something else?

To be honest, there is a lot that we really do; and it would have been just too much to put down all of it here. But we understand art. So we know that things can be unique and might need to be customized at times. The same can be the case with what you need help with.

Do share your details with us, and we'll do our best to help with what you're looking for.

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